The Jayco Difference

The Jayco Difference

When you go to purchase an RV or trailer, you have lots of options to choose from. However, Jayco models stand above the rest in terms of quality, warranty and more. Here’s what makes the Jayco difference.


Jayco was founded back in 1968 as a family business. With around 50 years of experience, the company has been able to continuously improve upon its models, while retaining the same family spirit.


Jayco has won an array of awards, proving its excellence. The company has earned 77 RVDA Dealer Satisfaction Index Gold Circle Awards and the 1991 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Recycling. Plus, it has been inducted into the RV Hall of Fame and has been the best-selling travel trailer in America for 13 consecutive years.

Sustainability efforts

Jayco is taking important efforts for sustainability, wanting to protect the outdoors that RVs explore. The company has an Eco-Advantage policy aimed at reducing its carbon footprint by utilizing renewable resources.


To give you peace of mind, Jayco offers impressive warranties on its models. Jayco RVs have a three-year structural warranty on top of an exclusive two-year warranty.


Jayco is committed to providing quality models and features. To do so, Jayco uses durable materials and offers protection against extreme temperatures with the Jayco Climate Shield.


We at RVs of West Texas proudly offer Jayco RVs. Check out the different models at our dealership.

Mug Meals to Make on Your Next Camping Trip

Breakfast In A Mug

When you’re camping in your RV, it can be fun to enjoy meals around the fire with family. Mug meals are currently popular to cook because they’re easy and delicious. Try making these convenient mug meals during your next camping trip.

For breakfast, you can try the cleverly named blueberry mugfin or the French toast in a mug. The blueberry mugfin is a bit easier to make, but both can be quickly cooked in the microwave.

There are several lunch and dinner options to try out, including the pizza in a mug and the bacon cheddar cheeseburger in a mug. Each of your campers can have their own individual and customized meal, without too much of a hassle.

If you want to finish off your meal with dessert, you can opt for a Cookies and Cream cake in a mug or an apple pie in a mug. Both desserts are welcome additions to s’mores.

Dogs can even get in on the action with the pupcake in a mug. The main ingredients of this meal are peanut butter and Greek yogurt.

With so many great options, mug meals are unique ways to change up the food you eat on the go. Visit us at RVs of West Texas and ask about the other convenient kitchen products in our RVs.

Six Great Road-Trip Podcasts to Delight Your Ears

RV Podcasts

Whether you’re settling in for a long stint behind the wheel or relaxing at the RV park, there’s nothing like a good podcast to keep you focused, informed and entertained. Here are six great road-trip podcasts to keep you company on your next journey.

30 for 30

Even if you’re not a big sports fan, it’s easy to get hooked on this series of compelling audio documentaries from ESPN. 30 for 30 gives a whole new perspective on sports and their impact on our lives.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me

Test your knowledge of current events with this weekly quiz show podcast from NPR. Match wits with celebrity guests and see if you can tell the real news from the fake.

Meat Eater

The perfect soundtrack for your next wilderness journey is Meat Eater. This podcast offers fascinating stories and information on fishing, hunting, and other outdoor-oriented topics.

Broken Record

When you want a short break from your favorite tunes, check out Broken Record. You can listen to insightful, in-depth interviews with a wide range of musicians and then hear them play.

Story Pirates

Delivering hilarious fun for your whole family, the cast of Story Pirates turns stories that children wrote into musical theater and sketch comedy.

The Past and the Curious

The Past and the Curious will hook both adults and children with its entertaining dives into history’s weirdest, most fascinating stories.


We at RVs of West Texas hope these podcasts keep you and your family entertained on your next road trip. Before hitting the road, stop by our service department for routine maintenance.

Check Out These Eco-Friendly Tips for RVing


If you love to go camping in your RV, there’s a good chance that you appreciate nature and all the great outdoors has to offer. Help preserve Earth’s natural beauty by following these eco-friendly tips for RVing.


Be smart when packing

While disposable dinnerware, like paper plates and plastic cutlery, may be convenient to pack, they’re also not good for the environment. Ditch the plastic and instead use real dinnerware, which you can wash and reuse. Packing smart also means bringing weather-appropriate clothing so you can run the heat less, as well as bringing natural cleaning products and lead-free fishing equipment.


Be good neighbors

When at campgrounds, always clean up after yourself. Leaving trash behind is not only inconsiderate of future campers but also harmful to nature. When washing up, be sure to also keep away from rivers and lakes, since soaps and detergents are potentially dangerous to aquatic life.


Reuse and recharge

Many items can be reused before they need to be thrown out or recycled. You can easily wash bottles, milk jugs, and even tinfoil and then reuse them to lower waste. It’s also a great idea to rely on rechargeable batteries for your electronics, rather than single-use ones.


Keep your RV efficient

Taking your RV in for routine maintenance can give you better gas mileage and help you conserve energy. Similarly, keeping your tires properly inflated and avoiding cruise control while in the mountains can help you save on fuel.


We at RVs of West Texas wish you and your family a great camping trip. We encourage you to visit our dealership to see which RV can make your experience worthwhile.

Camping Breakfast Ideas: Start the Day Right in the Great Outdoors

Great Camping Breakfast Ideas

Cooking while camping can be exciting, but it also offers its own set of challenges. You may have less space for prep work, and fewer materials to work with during the cooking process. Additionally, you might not be familiar with cooking over coal while battling with the wind. However, there are quite a few camping breakfast ideas to make dining less stressful on your next camping trip. We’ve gathered just a few recipes that are nutritious, quick-to-make, and require only a few ingredients.

Eggs & Potato Chips

According to Road Map, one quick meal is eggs and potato chips—a meal surprisingly similar to a hash-brown scramble. You’ll want to add garlic, chilis, and onions to a pan to cook briefly. Then add crumbled chips and stir thoroughly. Next, crack four eggs into the pan, add 1 tablespoon of water, cover, and move to low heat. After 6-8 minutes, you’ve got a filling meal.

3 Cheese Potatoes

For three-cheese potatoes, you just need to combine cubed potatoes, onions, Parmesan cheese, chives, salt, pepper, and butter in a heavy-duty foil pouch. After cooking for 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll have a cheesy, delicious meal.

Pie Iron Sandwiches

Pie iron breakfast sandwiches are also pretty simple, as it’s the same process you use to make s’mores. Simply grease the pie iron, cut a hole in some bread, and place the bread in the iron. Crack an egg in the hole, add sausage and cheese, and cover with the other piece of bread (no hole in this one). After a few minutes, your sandwich will be done.

If you need more tips, keep checking the RVs Of West Texas blog, or visit us near Abilene, TX today! We’d love to help!

Tips For RV-ing With Your Dog

Adjusting to life in an RV can be difficult enough for people. It can be even more stressful for your canine companion. Still, as long as you follow these tips for RV-ing with your dog, your pooch will learn to love life out on the road.

Tip #1: Pack The Proper Pet Supplies

Just as you’ll want to make sure you pack all of your essentials with you when you head out in your RV, you’ll also want to make sure your dog has all of the supplies that they need. Be sure to pack your dog’s collar, leash, bedding, and food and water bowls. You’ll also want to pack some of their favorite toys to keep them entertained.

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Destination If Canine-Friendly

Wherever your RV destination is, you’ll want to make sure that it is dog-friendly. It would be a shame to reach an RV park or campground only to learn that your four-legged friend is not welcomed there. Do the proper research ahead of time.

Tip #3: Work Some Time For Exercise Into Your Schedule

Your dog won’t be happy or healthy if they are kept cooped up inside your RV all day. It’s important for them to get their daily exercise in. Be sure you make stops throughout your journey to let them burn off any excess energy and get the exercise that they need. Playing with your pooch will be good for your health as well.

If you need more pointers on how to prepare your pet for life in an RV, speak with our staff at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX.

Tips For RVers From Actual RV Families

RV Families

Helping RV Families

Recently, Jayco released some great advice for RVers from five families with lots of experience traveling in RVs. These families also shared why they love RVing with their families and which Jayco model they purchased. Here are some of the highlights below.

The Potters

The Potter family shared five tips for new RVers, including practicing in an empty parking lot, scheduling trips in advance (we’re talking six to nine months), staying on top of winterizing, using the trailer brakes, and, most importantly, having fun.

The Puglisis

The Puglisi family also had some wisdom for first-time RVers: Don’t wait. There are a million reasons to push something off, but we only live once — and we only share our homes with our children for a couple of decades. In short, you will not regret your RV purchase.

The Brewers

The Brewer family advised that, while planning is necessary, you should leave some wiggle room to be flexible. The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and you don’t always feel up to doing what you’ve planned.

The Tantsits

The Tantsits reminded us that vacations are about taking it easy, especially for RV Families. Don’t rush; just enjoy traveling.

The Rewises

The Rewise family also advised taking your time — but during the RV selection process. Find the model that suits your family’s needs.

Contact us at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX to discover more advantages of investing in an RV of your own. You can also stop by to browse our current selection of RVs.

Here are Some Alternative Uses for Your Toy Hauler

Jayco Toy Hauler RVs Near Abilene, TX

Toy haulers are RVs with a living space and a garage space; the garage space is traditionally used for transporting motorized “toys,” like snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and dirt bikes. But there are alternative uses for your toy hauler that make them more flexible than you might have originally thought:

Non-Motorized Adventures

While you can typically use your truck or SUV to transport kayaks, canoes, and mountain bikes, you can also use the garage space in your toy hauler for these outdoor toys.

Office Space

Are you fortunate enough to have work-from-home privileges? Take your work to the road. While another family member drives to and from each campsite, you can use the garage space as a “home office” and get some work done on the go.


If you love to party before the big game, the garage space of your toy hauler is the perfect space to set up tables with food, TVs for pre-game coverage, and games for the little ones.

Bigger Families & Groups Of Friends

If you own a toy hauler, consider bringing more family and friends on your next adventure. Most garage spaces have fold-down seating, and you can add air mattresses in for comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Contact us at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX if you need even more ideas for rethinking your toy hauler’s functionality.

How to Prepare Your RV for Camping Season

prepare your RV for camping season

Winter is almost behind us, which means it’s once again time to prepare your RV for camping season. If you are new to the RV life, follow these tips when getting your RV ready for your spring camping adventures:

Review The Exterior

Do a walk-around of your RV to ensure it did not sustain any damage during the winter, like scratches or rust. Test the pressure of all tires and refill (or replace) as necessary.

Test Your Batteries

Cold weather can drain the life of your RV’s battery, so it’s crucial to check the voltage every before camping season. If you suspect an issue or just aren’t sure how to test your batteries, bring the RV to RVs of West Texas for a thorough inspection.

Clean The Interior

A little dusting never hurt anyone. Before using your stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink for food, clean them thoroughly. Think of it as spring cleaning for your RV. After cleaning your appliances, make sure they all still work correctly and that their power cords are intact.

Check For Pests

During the winter months, animals sometimes seek shelter inside RVs. Make sure your RV is pest-free before hitting the road.

Test Your Water & Check Your Liquid Propane

If you are not sure how to inspect liquid propane and water lines, leave it to us at RVs of West Texas.

Get your next adventure off to a great start by bringing your RV in for maintenance at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX.

New Year’s Revolution: Spend More Time Outdoors with Your Jayco RV

Jayco RV Resolutions

Jayco RV & The New Year

As you enter into the New Year, it is a time to reflect on your accomplishments in 2018 and what you would like to change, improve, or achieve in 2019. If you are an RV owner who loves to explore the open road in your Jayco RV, we have the perfect New Year’s resolution for you: Spend more time outdoors with your Jayco RV.

Resolutions To Follow

Many of us would love to be able to take time off work or outside our routine to relax in our RVs, but we come up with a million excuses not to do so. In 2019, resolve to do the following:

  • Explore at least one new state, national or state park, or campground with your family or friends in your RV.
  • Bring along a new friend or family member who has never experienced an adventure in a Jayco RV.
  • Use up all your vacation days this year on fun trips, rather than letting them go to waste. Remember: Vacation days are a part of your salary and benefits package. You have earned them, so use them!
  • Stay on top of RV maintenance. Sure, oil changes and tire rotations aren’t as fun as swimming in the lake or driving through the desert, but they are important for the longevity of your RV.


We at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX hope you have a happy New Year and an adventure-filled 2019!