4 Quick and Affordable RV Upgrades

There are many ways you can enhance your RV to better suit your lifestyle. Check out these quick and affordable RV upgrades to take your camping to the next level.

High-pressure showerhead

Many RV owners feel the water pressure in their RV shower isn’t high enough, at least compared to what they’re used to at home. Upgrading the shower head is a cheap way to make that hot shower after a long hike feel even better.

Fake plants

Plants and greenery help bring life to any living space, but it can be hard to maintain real ones in a mobile home. Fake plants not only require less maintenance but are also less likely to cause trouble when moving the RV.

LED lights

LED lights can go a long way to making the interior of your RV feel brighter while also reducing energy costs. Some areas of the RV, like the pantry, may not be as well-lit as you like. Cheap stick-on LEDs can make all the difference when preparing a late-night snack.

Step covers

Step covers add a little personality to your RV’s exterior. Additionally, their texture can provide additional grip and slip resistance. This is an affordable upgrade and it’s easy to find a variety of fabrics and colors.

If you’d like to save on upgrades, you can also make sure the RV you purchase already comes with lots of awesome equipment — like the high-quality, affordable Jayco RVs at RVs of West Texas!

Tips for Camping with Kids

Family Camping |  Baird, TXCamping is a great way to introduce kids to nature. From stars and nocturnal animals to wild plants and tiny bugs, there is always something outside to captivate the attention of kids. The following are some tips to make camping with kids a positive experience for everyone.

Explain What Will Be Different

Changing the routine can be confusing for kids, who might feel stress or see an opportunity to bend the rules. Clarify what will be the same and what will change. For example, explain that you’ll still be eating together, brushing your teeth, and putting on pajamas before bed; but that you will sleep in a tent or RV and spend more time outside.

Embrace The Messiness

It is no use trying to ensure kids won’t get messy. They will get mud on their shoes, dirt on the hands, and probably some bugs in their hair, too. Just make sure they know where to get cleaned up and try not to worry about it too much.

Give Teens Some Room

With their changing bodies and moods, teens are going through a rough time. Do what you can to give them extra privacy. Still, consider setting reasonable limits on smart devices.

Camping in an RV can help kids feel more like home while you enjoy nature. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to check out our travel trailers, fifth wheels, and other family-friendly RVs.

What to Look For When Buying a Used RV

2019 Jayco Seismic | Baird, TX

Are you interested in buying a used RV? Follow these three important steps to ensure you drive home in a trailer you can be proud of.

Perform A Visual Inspection

When considering a used RV for purchase, you should perform a thorough visual assessment of the unit. Check for mold, rot, signs of water damage, and unusual smells. Look for the same red flags you would look for in a house. Examine seals, open drawers, check for leaks, and look out for rust. You may be able to live with some minor issues, but you definitely don’t want to miss anything that could spell trouble down the line.

Call In The Experts

Regardless of the type of unit, you should have a certified technician perform a thorough inspection in addition to your own to ensure everything is as it seems. Even if you have a keen eye, the technician will be able to find those hidden problems you may never have found until they reared their head as an expensive repair bill.

Ask The Right Questions

When buying a used vehicle, you should always ask about service records and any existing warranties still covering the unit. If you are able to speak directly to the former owner, ask about any pets that have lived in the RV or if people smoked in it. This can be important to know if you or your family have relevant allergies.

One of the best places to buy a used RV is at RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas. Visit our store and ask one of our associates about one of our many, high-quality used RVs!

How to Improve Your Fuel Economy When Driving an RV

2021 Jayco Eagle HT | Baird, TX

Fuel can be a major expense for RV owners. Towing a heavy, un-aerodynamic RV unit over long travel distances can add up to a lot of gas station stops. The following are a few tips that can help improve your RV fuel economy.

Go easy on the throttle

One of the best ways to save fuel while towing an RV or driving any motor vehicle is to accelerate gently. Keeping your RPMs low and reducing your top speed will go a long way toward improving your mileage.

Use cruise control

By automatically maintaining a constant speed, cruise control prevents you from making those small throttle adjustments that can add up to extra fuel used. We recommend using it on long stretches of flat highways. For non-flat roads, use your foot.

Check the tire pressure

Too low tire pressures are a safety hazard. And they also happen to reduce fuel efficiency. Overly high pressures are not good either. Make sure the tires on your vehicle and RV unit are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level for the best all-around performance.

Making sure your RV is up to date on maintenance can also go a long way toward helping you save money on gas. Schedule a service appointment at RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to ensure the budget for your next big trip isn’t all spent at the gas station.

Benefits of Choosing an RV With a Slide-out

2021 Jayco Jay Feather | Baird, TX

Many new RVs today come with slide-outs. Electrically or hydraulically operated, a slide-out has several benefits, whether your chosen RV has just one or, as you can find in bigger fifth-wheel trailers, four or five.

More space

The obvious advantage of a slide-out is the increased space. No matter how large the RV is, it’s easy to feel cramped compared to living at home. If you go camping with your family, slide-outs can help give all of you a little more elbow room and make it easier for everyone to share space inside the RV.

More luxury

Extra space isn’t just more convenient — it also adds a sense of luxury. Slide-outs make an RV feel more like home by adding space to the dining area, the kitchen, the living area, or even the bedroom. Additionally, slide-outs usually have windows to help bring in more natural light and air. If you’re a full-time camper, slide-outs are arguably the best feature in any RV.

More options

Slide-outs increase the number of possible floorplans. When working with limited space, there are only so many ways to create an interior layout. However, with slide-outs, manufacturers can get more creative, and you can benefit from more options when it comes to choosing the RV that works best for you.

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How To Choose the Right RV Campsite

RV Campsite | Baird, Texas

The place you decide to camp in your RV can have a major impact on your vacation. While planning your trip, consider the following factors when choosing your RV campsite.

Make a budget

If you haven’t already, make a budget for your trip. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend for each night at a campsite, it will be easier to select the one that offers the best bang for your buck.

Know the length of your stay

If you anticipate staying at a campsite for only a short time — such as a single night while traveling to your destination — you won’t need a lot of amenities. Allocate a bigger portion of your budget to campsites where you plan to spend more time since you’ll get a lot more use out of their amenities.

Pick your amenities

No two campsites are alike. Most of them come with access to water and electric hookups. Some campsites even offer additional amenities like family-friendly recreational zones, free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots, and on-site supplies, like firewood, and services, like RV repairs. Make sure you pick a campsite offering the amenities you need and none of the premium features you can do without.

Locate nearby activities

Choosing the right campsite is a matter of what you plan to do in the area. National and state parks are a great choice if you are looking to get isolated from civilization and enjoy nature. If your goal, however, is to visit a nearby city or attend an event, keep in mind that few cities permit RV campsites within their limits. You’ll have better luck finding a campsite closer to the suburban areas near your destination.

If you’ve found the right campsite but still need the right RV, visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to take a look at our many family-friendly travel trailers.

Do I Need a License to Drive an RV?

2021 Jayco Eagle HT | Baird, TX

People who consider buying an RV may also be wondering if they need a special RV license. Fortunately, in most cases, the answer is no. In most states, you must have a commercial driving license to drive a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds. The vast majority of RVs are much lighter than this, but there are still a few other factors to take into consideration.

Motorhomes vs towable RVs

By virtue of having a powertrain, motorhomes are significantly heavier than towable RVs — but even most motorhomes are nowhere near the 26,000-pound mark. Still, the largest of them can push 30,000 pounds, so if you’re in the market for an exceptionally large Class A motorhome, you may need a commercial license to drive it legally.

On the other hand, even the heaviest towable RVs rarely push past 20,000 pounds, so you should be in the clear even if you’ve loaded it full of stuff.

State-specific laws

While planning an RV trip, it’s important to know ahead of time what state lines you’ll be crossing. Different states have different laws about commercial license requirements. In most states, you only need a Class B license if driving a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds. However, many states like Texas and New Mexico requires you to have a Class A license if the combined weight of your vehicle and RV exceeds 26,000 pounds.

Now that you’re up to speed on whether you need a special license to drive an RV, visit RVs of West Texas in Baird to get your RV!


Greatest RV-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Austin, TX

Biking on the Butler Hike & Bike Trail | Austin, TX

Biking on the Butler Hike & Bike Trail. Credit Nick Simonite.

Got a new RV, but not sure where to start your camping adventure? Check out these great, RV-friendly outdoor activities in the Austin area that are perfect for a variety of lifestyles!

If you love to hike…

Head 30 miles west of Austin to Texas Hill Country. You can park your RV at Pedernales Falls State Park and go on a beautiful hike that cuts through white cliffs, stone river beds, shaded forests, and even breathtaking waterfalls.

If you love to bike…

Take your RV to Barton Creek Greenbelt. It’s home to a variety of top-notch mountain biking trails and offers stunning views to go along with them. Barton Creek Greenbelt is also great for hiking, swimming, bouldering, and more, making it an all-around enjoyable destination.

If you love to camp…

Head over to Emma Long Metropolitan Park. It’s one of only a handful of areas where you can camp within the Austin city limits, so it’s perfect for RVers visiting Austin from elsewhere in the country. The park’s giant cypress trees also provide the perfect shade for an afternoon picnic.

If you love to swim…

Find an RV park near Hamilton Pool Preserve. This historic swimming hole is one of Texas’s most precious geological features and boasts a 50-foot waterfall. The closest RV park to Hamilton Pool is Sunset RV Resort, just a few miles out.

Did you put the horse before the cart and figure out your next camping destination before getting an RV? Are you looking to upgrade from your current trailer to a new one? No worries! Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird and we’ll get you set up with the RV that best suits your lifestyle.

Working From an RV: What You Should Know

Remote work is more popular than ever and as more people leave the office, they are also realizing they can work from anywhere — not just at a house. If you’re planning to start working from an RV, the following are a few factors to take into consideration.

Invest in good Wi-Fi

Good internet access is key to a good remote work experience. Call campgrounds ahead of time and read reviews to gauge the quality of their Wi-Fi connection. Better yet, use different cell phone carriers to take advantage of the best possible hotspots wherever you go. You should also consider a trailer that comes with Wi-Fi extenders like the Jayco Eagle.

Plan your travel days

It’s easier to work from an RV when you separate your travel days and your workdays. By planning your routes and traveling when you are not working, you’ll take some pressure off of you during your workdays and give yourself more time to enjoy the sights when you are on the go.

Set up your workstation

Everyone’s ideal workstation is different, so make sure to take the time to set up yours to suit your particular needs. A few guidelines: avoid working in the same place you sleep and invest in LED or smart lighting to boost visibility where you work.

Make sure to explore our wide array of trailer floorplans at RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to find the trailer that best suits your remote working needs.

How To Lower the Cost of Full-Time RVing

RVing | Baird, TXOne of the advantages of living in an RV full-time is that it can be more affordable than living in a house. However, getting the most out of those savings is not always easy. Below, we’ve put together a few tips to help you lower the cost of full-time RVing.

Save fuel

You can save a lot on fuel expenses by driving more slowly and avoiding quick accelerating accelerations. It’s also a good idea to plan your routes in a way that avoids excess travel.

Plan meals

You may find that RV travel leads to higher spending on food, due to eating out or buying items at the grocery store that you won’t use. Cut down on these costs by planning your meals ahead of time so you know exactly what you’ll need. Pack lunches and leave food in a slow cooker while you’re exploring.

Invest in camping clubs

Campground fees are a recurring cost that can really add up. Fortunately, camping clubs and memberships help active and full-time RVers save a lot of money with a variety of discounts. Over the months and years, you may significantly reduce expenses by being in these clubs.

Finally, a tried-and-true way to save money while full-time RVing is by having an RV that is well maintained and can withstand the different weather conditions you encounter. Call us at RVs of West Texas in Baird to find the optimal trailer for full-time living.