How to Gain Confidence as a New RV Owner

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If you just bought your first RV, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the many things you now need to remember. Don’t let that undermine your ability to tackle RV ownership head-on, though — everyone had to start somewhere. The following are a few quick tips to gain confidence as a new RV owner that you may find helpful.

Take baby steps

Don’t get too ambitious when planning your first trip. Start small. Consider reserving at a private campground, which tends to have more helpful owners and active staff than state and national park campgrounds. Additionally, don’t travel too far from home. Right now, you need to focus on learning how to operate your new RV. You’ll have plenty of time for your epic, life-changing trip later.

Go with other newbies

One of the best ways to gain confidence as an RV owner is to tag along with another person or group that’s new to RVing. You’ll be able to learn together, empower each other and get familiar with campground culture together. Not to mention you may make lifelong camping friends!

Relax and accept that issues will arise

During your trip, you may break a fragile item by forgetting to secure it or struggle to use an amenity. However, unless you experience a major issue, just forget about it. There’s no need to ruin your vacation time by getting upset because everything doesn’t go as planned. Enjoy the campfire, and play with your kids.

If you have concerns or questions about RV ownership in Baird, Texas, don’t hesitate to ask one of our associates at RVs of West Texas. We’re always more than happy to help you better understand RVs as well as the RV experience!

Travel Trailer Towing Basics You Should Know

New 2020 Jayco Jay Flight 28RLS

Travel trailers are the most popular type of RV. They’re affordable, flexible, and can be towed by just about any vehicle. Still, even though you can tow a travel trailer with very little practice, you should still know about the travel trailer towing basics before you hitch up and head out. Below, you’ll find a few tips to help you get started.

1 – Make sure you have the right vehicle

Just because your car or truck has a tow hitch doesn’t mean it’s capable of towing your RV. Even large SUVs and some pickup trucks have surprisingly low towing capacities. Check the official documentation for your vehicle and compare it to the weight of your trailer, plus the weight of all the stuff you’ve added into it.

2 – Distribute more weight at the front

When towing anything, including a travel trailer, you should always be mindful of how you distribute weight inside the trailer. At least 60 percent or more of the weight should be concentrated at the front of the trailer (the side closest to your vehicle). If the rear of your RV is heavier than the front, you can experience nasty fishtails while driving.

3 – Drive slowly

Driving slowly is always recommended when towing a trailer, but that’s especially the case when you’re new to it. When you have a lot of weight behind you, everything takes longer, from speeding up to slowing down. It’s much easier to stay in control and be aware of your surroundings when you take it slow.

4 – Don’t slam the brakes

You probably already know that with a travel trailer behind you, you can’t slow down on a dime. But did you also know that slamming on the brakes is more likely to cause skidding, jackknifing, and other issues? In addition to driving slowly, make sure to look far ahead and anticipate when you need to slow down to give yourself as much time to brake.

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A Guide to Boondocking: Camping Off the Grid

Boondocking | RVs of West Texas

If you want to explore the great outdoors, try your hand at boondocking. This guide to boondocking covers what exactly boondocking is, why you should do it and how to ensure you get a good experience out of it.

What is boondocking?

Boondocking is camping with your RV while completely disconnected from the grid. In other words, you’re not plugged into any power, water or waste infrastructure, and must rely only on what you brought with you. Power comes from a generator or batteries and water comes from your fresh water tank. When you boondock, you’re truly on your own.

Why is boondocking great?

Boondocking allows you to camp in truly wonderful spots, in isolation from other people. It enables you to connect with nature in a way that isn’t quite possible via other camping methods that still attach you, even by a thread, to society. If you love to camp, you should give it a try.

Boondocking tips and tricks

One thing you’ll quickly discover while boondocking the first time is how perilously quickly your fresh water tank goes empty. There are a lot of ways to help you minimize water usage, though. Take fewer showers, use dry shampoo, and clean your hands and face with baby wipes. Use paper plates to reduce the amount of dishwashing, and then use those plates as kindling for the firepit. Also, bring your own drinking water and cut down on energy use.

To find the right RV or trailer for your boondocking experience, contact us at RVs of West Texas, located in Baird, Texas, to learn about the different models we have available.

Stay Informed and Prepared While RVing


During your travels, it’s essential that you stay informed and prepared while RVing with your family. Follow these tips to ready yourself for whatever life throws at you and have peace of mind on each journey.

Maintain a connection

Before embarking on a trip, make sure you have the most up-to-date information about where you’re going since it’s much easier to hop on the internet and find important information in a traditional home. In an RV, you may need to take some extra steps to ensure you have reliable internet access.

If you’re staying at a campground, the odds are good that you’ll have a reliable source of electricity and Wi-Fi access. However, while on the go, you should have a plan to keep your devices charged and a good data plan so you can still search the web and contact your loved ones.

Make a plan

Circumstances are always changing. Whether it’s for an unprecedented virus outbreak or another situation, it’s useful to have an emergency plan in place. Likewise, if you think you may need to leave the campsite in a hurry, formulate an exit plan and avoid unpacking unessential outdoor gear. It’s also wise to bring extra clothes in case the weather changes as well as medical supplies you might need.

If you’re searching for your family’s next trailer or RV, check out the models available at RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, by viewing our inventory online.

Spice Up Your Dog With These Hot Dog Toppings

Hot Dogs | Abilene, TX

If you enjoy eating hot dogs around the campfire but are tired of having the same simple hot dogs each meal, you may want to try new hot dog toppings. These unique twists on the hot dog can make for delicious meals on your next camping trip.

Breakfast dog

You can enjoy breakfast foods at any time of the day, so why not combine breakfast foods with hot dogs? Add some bacon, a fried egg and crispy hash browns to your hot dog. The protein in this meal makes it ideal for eating before your hike or sports game.

Italian dog

Instead of using an all-beef hot dog, try using a spicy or sweet Italian sausage instead. Then, add grilled hot peppers, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce atop the sausage for a fulfilling Italian meal.

Hawaiian dog

If you like Hawaiian pizza, you may also enjoy this hot dog. Simply place bacon bits and pineapple onto your hot dog. You can also add barbecue sauce for additional flavor.

Southwestern dog

For this hot dog, you need to add black beans, corn and avocado. You can also conveniently put a bean salad onto the hot dog. You can get these toppings in cans, making it easy to prepare the hot dog on trips.

We at RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, hope you get the chance to try out these recipes and more on your trips. If you’re looking for a new RV to go camping in, check out our inventory online.


Spring Cleaning Tips for Your RV

RV Spring Cleaning

With the spring season arriving, it’s time to get the RV ready for traveling again. Follow these spring cleaning tips to prepare your RV for the open road this spring and summer.

Organize the cabinets

The inside of the cabinets can quickly become dusty and dirty. As such, clear out your RV’s cabinets, wipe them down and organize your items as you put them back. Try using clear containers to store loose food, which will make it easier to locate the items.

Scrub the stove

You should clean your stove regularly, but spring is a great time to do a deep clean. Remove the knobs and place them in warm, soapy water. Remove and wash the grates with soapy water as well, and if that doesn’t do the trick, spray them with a degreaser. Then, you can scrub the stovetop.

Vacuum the floor

Vacuum the whole floor, making sure to clean underneath furniture you can move. For example, raise the mattress to get better access around and under the bed. Use your vacuum’s extension wand to get into tight corners and narrow areas. If you have carpet, consider steam cleaning it. If the floor is made of laminate, wood or tile, be sure to mop it.

Remember that the components of your RV may also need an inspection. Visit RVs of West Texas to ensure your RV is up to the task of a road trip.



The innovative JAYCOMMAND™ system comes standard on many 2020 Jayco RVs and is available on a wide range of other trailers. Depending on the trailer, JAYCOMMAND™ can be powered by Firefly, BMPRO, or LCI. As such, follow these instructions on how to use JAYCOMMAND™ and connect your mobile device in your specific model.

JAYCOMMAND™ powered by Firefly

Download the Vegatouch Mira app on your mobile device. After providing a bit of information on the app, you simply need to input your pin and change it. Then, you can have access to a variety of functions.


Go the home screen on the panel in your Jayco RV and press the arrow located at the bottom until PA is displayed. You can then press EXT on the home screen. Be sure to also follow the instructions on your mobile device in order to pair it to JAYCOMMAND™.

JAYCOMMAND™ powered by LCI

Install the OneControl® app onto your mobile device, and enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. Create an account on the app, and connect to your RV. After providing information about your RV and creating a pin, you can then utilize different features.


JAYCOMMAND™ lets you remotely operate several features of your RV, including the air conditioner, light zones and the awnings. Learn more about the technologies in Jayco RVs when you stop by RVs of West Texas.

Road Trip Games to Play in Your RV

Vehicle Bingo Card

If you are planning to take your family along for trips in your RV, it’s a good idea to have lots of options to keep your children entertained on the road. Consider playing fun road trip games the next time you travel in your RV.


The classic game of categories is played by first having one of your family members select a category. Potential categories could be colors, songs or flowers. Everyone in the RV then takes turns listing something within the category until someone repeats an answer or can’t think of one.

Scavenger hunt

Before hitting the road, develop a list of items that you may spot on the road, such as a barn, a specific sign or a firetruck. The winner of the scavenger hunt is the first passenger to find every item on the list.

Vehicle bingo

For vehicle bingo, you need to first design bingo cards with different vehicle types written in each spot. Make sure each passenger has different vehicles listed on their bingo card. Just as with regular bingo, you win by finding all the items in a line on your card.


We at RVs of West Texas hope you have a fantastic trip in your RV this year. Schedule an appointment at our service department to make sure your RV is ready for the road.


How to Plan Your Leaf Viewing Trip

Fall Time | Baird TX

The fall doesn’t end as abruptly here in Texas as it does for our friends in the north. This means that you still have the chance to catch sight of some beautiful trees at this time of year. If you’re interested in going on a leaf viewing trip this year, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Dress for cooler weather

If you are used to camping in the summer, it’s important to remember to pack for cooler weather during the winter season. You’ll likely want to wear layers so you can be bundled up in the morning and also be able to remove a jacket if it gets warmer in the afternoon.

Plan your trip

Before embarking on your trip, you should first devise a list of the different locations you want to see. You should then decide if you want to pay for a professional tour or go on a trip solely with your friends or family. If you elect not to go with a tour group, keep in mind that you’ll need to do additional planning.

Download an app

The free Foliage Leaf Peepr app is perfect for adventurers in search of fall foliage. You can see where others have found beautiful scenery, and you can also report the places where you discover great areas to visit.

Before heading out on your journey, check out the RVs that we have available at RVs of West Texas.

Benefits of StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination

StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination

Jayco RVs are built using StronholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination. During this construction process, every rear wall, sidewall and slide room wall of Jayco RVs are bonded together to provide the RV Industry’s strongest and lightest construction, as well as add other benefits to the RVs.

Strong Sidewalls

The construction process begins with the framing of a five-layered sidewall, which includes aluminum tubing that will not deteriorate or rot. Jayco specifically engineers the double-welded aluminum cages for each floorplan.

Sound-Deafening Properties

To keep outside noises out of the RV, the sidewalls contain high-density block foam, which has higher insulation properties. Jayco also ensures screw retention by utilizing Electro Galvanized Steel backers before lamination.

Luxurious Appearance

Jayco laminates the aluminum and foam wall assembly to a layer of damage-resistant decorative plywood board over the EGS, creating a sleek look. The sidewall’s exterior forms from a glossy composite fiberglass panel, which is both durable and stylish.


A lauan plywood panel is the sidewall’s last layer and adds strength. Creating a great bond, Jayco applies 144 tons of pressure to the frames for 16 to 18 minutes to have 100 percent glue coverage.


We at RVs of West Texas encourage you to view our available RVs and see for yourself how they benefit from StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination.