The Jayco Two-Year Warranty Leads the Industry

Jayco Two-Year Warranty

Jayco Is On A Roll

Jayco Two-Year Warranty

There are a number of things that make the Jayco brand stand out among the rest: It has won an incredible number of awards, it is firmly committed to quality, and it has been dedicated to keeping the Earth clean for five decades. But perhaps most importantly, Jayco models are backed by the industry-leading Jayco two-year warranty.

24,000 Miles

Jayco models are covered by the Jayco brand for two whole years or 24,000 miles. That’s two camping seasons (730 days). The industry standard is just a single year, meaning Jayco doubles what you would get with other RVs. Jayco offers five-year warranties on specific camper components as well.

Twice As Long As Competitors

What is it that allows Jayco to be so confident in its RVs to cover them for twice as long as its competitors cover theirs? It’s that commitment to quality we mentioned. Jayco designs its RV roofs to hold up to 4,500 pounds — double the amount that the typical RV can withstand. And, its laminated walls are strong, bonded for 16 minutes at 144 tons of pressure. Not to mention, Jayco uses parts from superior suppliers (which also offer their own warranties on specific parts) and focuses on the “JRide” when designing its RVs — a commit to performance through enhanced steering and handling.

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