4 Fun Ways to Save Your Travel Memories

With an RV, you can experience the world in a truly unique way, leaving your home for weeks or even months at a time to explore all this country—or continent—has to offer. But how can you save your travel memories forever? We have a few suggestions.

Take up journaling 

Spend 5 or 10 minutes at the end of each day—or perhaps the next morning over your coffee—recounting your experiences in your own unique voice, then look back over those journals years down the road to relive the experiences. Alternatively, take up blogging to post your travels online.

Purchase postcards

Some travelers purchase a postcard in every location they visit. Postcards are incredibly affordable, and you can easily hang them all up on a cork-board inside your RV. Just be sure to write a memory about the place on the back to reflect on later.

Mark your maps 

Nowadays, we use our phones to navigate on the road. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still purchase a road atlas, if for no other reason than to highlight the routes you take on your adventures.

Print your photos

Don’t just post your favorite photos to social media or store them on your phone. Have them printed out and hang them up at home!

When you buy an RV from RVs of West Texas, you’re preparing yourself for many adventures to come—adventures you’ll want to preserve.

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