Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel: What’s the Difference?

2022 Forest River RV | Baird, TX

There are many types of RVs out there, but two of the biggest ones you should know about while shopping for a new camper are travel trailers and fifth wheels. What makes these RVs different and what are the pros and cons of each?

Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is an RV that is hitched up to a standard bumper hitch. These are the most common type of towable RVs. That’s because they’re very versatile. They can be tiny one-person units or 35-foot RVs with room for upward of eight people. They also tend to provide great bang for the buck. Compared to fifth wheels, the advantage of travel trailers is that they are affordable and towable by a wide variety of vehicles — not just pickups.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are RVs that require a special type of hitch that can only be installed in the center of a truck bed. They are easy to spot thanks to the large overhang at the front. If you don’t have a pickup, you won’t be able to tow one. Fifth wheel RVs have taller ceiling and tend to be roomier than travel trailers. They’re also more stable and maneuverable than travel trailers, making them easier to tow. And because a large portion of the fifth wheel goes over the truck, even a long unit extends less of a distance out from the back of the truck than a travel trailer of equal length.

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