5 Ways to Stay Cool in Your RV This Summer

How To Stay Cool In Your RV | Baird, TX

You don’t know hot until you’ve experienced a Texas summer. Staying cool can be a challenge, especially if you’re out camping in an RV. Use the following tips to stay cool in your RV even when the temperature is at its highest.

Keep the A/C Filters Clean

Clean filters ensure the A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your RV cool. Use warm soapy water, then rinse and let them dry before placing them back.

Cook Outside

Cooking generates a lot of heat. Use outdoor grills, solar ovens, or an old-fashioned campfire to make your meals outside and keep those high temperatures out of your RV.

Use the Shades

Using your RV’s built-in shades, blinds, and awnings, can go a long way toward preventing heat from coming in. You can also install more powerful light-blocking curtains if necessary.

Park in the Shade

It seems obvious, but it really makes a difference. Not only will your RV be cooler, but it will also help your roof A/C unit and refrigerator to operate more efficiently.

Face North or South

If possible, position your RV so that the bedroom is furthest away from the path of the sun in the sky. While it won’t help the whole RV stay cool, it will make being in bed a lot more comfortable.

You can also stay cool in your RV this summer by purchasing an RV with a powerful A/C system and great insulation, like a Jayco RV that has been climate tested in extreme temperatures. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to learn more!

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