Essential RV Hacks

Essential RV Hacks

Essential RV Hacks

When it’s time to send our customers away with their perfect RV from RVs of West Texas, we like to give them a few tips for the road. Here are some of our favorite RV hacks that will make RV life all the better.

The Perfect Trash Can

  • Keep your RV neat by investing in a small, lidded trash can. Our favorite one is actually a cylindrical cereal container, the kind that have sealed lids with a small opening. You can use a plastic bag to line it, and with the tight-fitting lid you’ll never have to worry about spills.

Saving Water

  • When you’re camping in your RV, you should do your best to conserve water, especially if you’re in a place without a water hookup. We have two tricks to help with this. The first is to turn off the water when you’re lathering up in the shower. Only have it on when it’s necessary. The second is to wipe your dishes down with paper towels before washing them, which will make washing easier and allow you to use less water.

Smart Fire

  • Trying to set up camp but can’t get the fire going? Try using some tortilla chips as a fire starter. Once it’s ablaze, add a little sage on top to help keep the mosquitoes away.

 For even more ways keep your RV organized and to maximize your overall experience in your home away from home, call us at RVs of West Texas.

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