Dangers of RVing with Dogs


There is nothing quite as enjoyable as bringing your fluffy companion on an RV trip. But for those who can’t leave their pets at home, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of RVing with dogs. Follow these tips to help ensure your trip isn’t spoiled by an unexpected visit to the vet.

Keep your dog secured

While on the go, your dog should ride securely, just as you. Do not leave your dog to ride in the trailer if you are towing. Keep your dog in a kennel inside your motorized vehicle and make frequent stops so they can stretch their legs, drink water, and relieve themselves.

Bring home with you

It may take some time for your dog to get used to RV travel. One thing that can help is to bring a piece of home with you, like their favorite toys, blankets, and treats. Make sure to give your dog their own space — somewhere they understand they can go relax and feel safe.

Be prepared for emergencies

Before you go, pack a dog first aid kit for your RV and make note of the names, locations, and numbers of emergency vets and pet hospitals in the area you are traveling to. You should always have a plan for taking care of your dog in case something unforeseen happens.

Though it does take some work to ensure they are safe and happy, dogs are wonderful companions that can significantly enhance your camping experience. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to find an RV that makes your dog as happy as it makes you!

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