What to Look For When Buying a Used RV

2019 Jayco Seismic | Baird, TX

Are you interested in buying a used RV? Follow these three important steps to ensure you drive home in a trailer you can be proud of.

Perform A Visual Inspection

When considering a used RV for purchase, you should perform a thorough visual assessment of the unit. Check for mold, rot, signs of water damage, and unusual smells. Look for the same red flags you would look for in a house. Examine seals, open drawers, check for leaks, and look out for rust. You may be able to live with some minor issues, but you definitely don’t want to miss anything that could spell trouble down the line.

Call In The Experts

Regardless of the type of unit, you should have a certified technician perform a thorough inspection in addition to your own to ensure everything is as it seems. Even if you have a keen eye, the technician will be able to find those hidden problems you may never have found until they reared their head as an expensive repair bill.

Ask The Right Questions

When buying a used vehicle, you should always ask about service records and any existing warranties still covering the unit. If you are able to speak directly to the former owner, ask about any pets that have lived in the RV or if people smoked in it. This can be important to know if you or your family have relevant allergies.

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