Benefits of Choosing an RV With a Slide-out

2021 Jayco Jay Feather | Baird, TX

Many new RVs today come with slide-outs. Electrically or hydraulically operated, a slide-out has several benefits, whether your chosen RV has just one or, as you can find in bigger fifth-wheel trailers, four or five.

More space

The obvious advantage of a slide-out is the increased space. No matter how large the RV is, it’s easy to feel cramped compared to living at home. If you go camping with your family, slide-outs can help give all of you a little more elbow room and make it easier for everyone to share space inside the RV.

More luxury

Extra space isn’t just more convenient — it also adds a sense of luxury. Slide-outs make an RV feel more like home by adding space to the dining area, the kitchen, the living area, or even the bedroom. Additionally, slide-outs usually have windows to help bring in more natural light and air. If you’re a full-time camper, slide-outs are arguably the best feature in any RV.

More options

Slide-outs increase the number of possible floorplans. When working with limited space, there are only so many ways to create an interior layout. However, with slide-outs, manufacturers can get more creative, and you can benefit from more options when it comes to choosing the RV that works best for you.

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