Working From an RV: What You Should Know

Remote work is more popular than ever and as more people leave the office, they are also realizing they can work from anywhere — not just at a house. If you’re planning to start working from an RV, the following are a few factors to take into consideration.

Invest in good Wi-Fi

Good internet access is key to a good remote work experience. Call campgrounds ahead of time and read reviews to gauge the quality of their Wi-Fi connection. Better yet, use different cell phone carriers to take advantage of the best possible hotspots wherever you go. You should also consider a trailer that comes with Wi-Fi extenders like the Jayco Eagle.

Plan your travel days

It’s easier to work from an RV when you separate your travel days and your workdays. By planning your routes and traveling when you are not working, you’ll take some pressure off of you during your workdays and give yourself more time to enjoy the sights when you are on the go.

Set up your workstation

Everyone’s ideal workstation is different, so make sure to take the time to set up yours to suit your particular needs. A few guidelines: avoid working in the same place you sleep and invest in LED or smart lighting to boost visibility where you work.

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