Travel Trailer Towing Basics You Should Know

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Travel trailers are the most popular type of RV. They’re affordable, flexible, and can be towed by just about any vehicle. Still, even though you can tow a travel trailer with very little practice, you should still know about the travel trailer towing basics before you hitch up and head out. Below, you’ll find a few tips to help you get started.

1 – Make sure you have the right vehicle

Just because your car or truck has a tow hitch doesn’t mean it’s capable of towing your RV. Even large SUVs and some pickup trucks have surprisingly low towing capacities. Check the official documentation for your vehicle and compare it to the weight of your trailer, plus the weight of all the stuff you’ve added into it.

2 – Distribute more weight at the front

When towing anything, including a travel trailer, you should always be mindful of how you distribute weight inside the trailer. At least 60 percent or more of the weight should be concentrated at the front of the trailer (the side closest to your vehicle). If the rear of your RV is heavier than the front, you can experience nasty fishtails while driving.

3 – Drive slowly

Driving slowly is always recommended when towing a trailer, but that’s especially the case when you’re new to it. When you have a lot of weight behind you, everything takes longer, from speeding up to slowing down. It’s much easier to stay in control and be aware of your surroundings when you take it slow.

4 – Don’t slam the brakes

You probably already know that with a travel trailer behind you, you can’t slow down on a dime. But did you also know that slamming on the brakes is more likely to cause skidding, jackknifing, and other issues? In addition to driving slowly, make sure to look far ahead and anticipate when you need to slow down to give yourself as much time to brake.

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