Spice Up Your Dog With These Hot Dog Toppings

Hot Dogs | Abilene, TX

If you enjoy eating hot dogs around the campfire but are tired of having the same simple hot dogs each meal, you may want to try new hot dog toppings. These unique twists on the hot dog can make for delicious meals on your next camping trip.

Breakfast dog

You can enjoy breakfast foods at any time of the day, so why not combine breakfast foods with hot dogs? Add some bacon, a fried egg and crispy hash browns to your hot dog. The protein in this meal makes it ideal for eating before your hike or sports game.

Italian dog

Instead of using an all-beef hot dog, try using a spicy or sweet Italian sausage instead. Then, add grilled hot peppers, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce atop the sausage for a fulfilling Italian meal.

Hawaiian dog

If you like Hawaiian pizza, you may also enjoy this hot dog. Simply place bacon bits and pineapple onto your hot dog. You can also add barbecue sauce for additional flavor.

Southwestern dog

For this hot dog, you need to add black beans, corn and avocado. You can also conveniently put a bean salad onto the hot dog. You can get these toppings in cans, making it easy to prepare the hot dog on trips.

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