Spring Cleaning Tips for Your RV

RV Spring Cleaning

With the spring season arriving, it’s time to get the RV ready for traveling again. Follow these spring cleaning tips to prepare your RV for the open road this spring and summer.

Organize the cabinets

The inside of the cabinets can quickly become dusty and dirty. As such, clear out your RV’s cabinets, wipe them down and organize your items as you put them back. Try using clear containers to store loose food, which will make it easier to locate the items.

Scrub the stove

You should clean your stove regularly, but spring is a great time to do a deep clean. Remove the knobs and place them in warm, soapy water. Remove and wash the grates with soapy water as well, and if that doesn’t do the trick, spray them with a degreaser. Then, you can scrub the stovetop.

Vacuum the floor

Vacuum the whole floor, making sure to clean underneath furniture you can move. For example, raise the mattress to get better access around and under the bed. Use your vacuum’s extension wand to get into tight corners and narrow areas. If you have carpet, consider steam cleaning it. If the floor is made of laminate, wood or tile, be sure to mop it.

Remember that the components of your RV may also need an inspection. Visit RVs of West Texas to ensure your RV is up to the task of a road trip.

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