The innovative JAYCOMMAND™ system comes standard on many 2020 Jayco RVs and is available on a wide range of other trailers. Depending on the trailer, JAYCOMMAND™ can be powered by Firefly, BMPRO, or LCI. As such, follow these instructions on how to use JAYCOMMAND™ and connect your mobile device in your specific model.

JAYCOMMAND™ powered by Firefly

Download the Vegatouch Mira app on your mobile device. After providing a bit of information on the app, you simply need to input your pin and change it. Then, you can have access to a variety of functions.


Go the home screen on the panel in your Jayco RV and press the arrow located at the bottom until PA is displayed. You can then press EXT on the home screen. Be sure to also follow the instructions on your mobile device in order to pair it to JAYCOMMAND™.

JAYCOMMAND™ powered by LCI

Install the OneControl® app onto your mobile device, and enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. Create an account on the app, and connect to your RV. After providing information about your RV and creating a pin, you can then utilize different features.


JAYCOMMAND™ lets you remotely operate several features of your RV, including the air conditioner, light zones and the awnings. Learn more about the technologies in Jayco RVs when you stop by RVs of West Texas.

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