Road Trip Games to Play in Your RV

Vehicle Bingo Card

If you are planning to take your family along for trips in your RV, it’s a good idea to have lots of options to keep your children entertained on the road. Consider playing fun road trip games the next time you travel in your RV.


The classic game of categories is played by first having one of your family members select a category. Potential categories could be colors, songs or flowers. Everyone in the RV then takes turns listing something within the category until someone repeats an answer or can’t think of one.

Scavenger hunt

Before hitting the road, develop a list of items that you may spot on the road, such as a barn, a specific sign or a firetruck. The winner of the scavenger hunt is the first passenger to find every item on the list.

Vehicle bingo

For vehicle bingo, you need to first design bingo cards with different vehicle types written in each spot. Make sure each passenger has different vehicles listed on their bingo card. Just as with regular bingo, you win by finding all the items in a line on your card.


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