Benefits of StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination

StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination

Jayco RVs are built using StronholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination. During this construction process, every rear wall, sidewall and slide room wall of Jayco RVs are bonded together to provide the RV Industry’s strongest and lightest construction, as well as add other benefits to the RVs.

Strong Sidewalls

The construction process begins with the framing of a five-layered sidewall, which includes aluminum tubing that will not deteriorate or rot. Jayco specifically engineers the double-welded aluminum cages for each floorplan.

Sound-Deafening Properties

To keep outside noises out of the RV, the sidewalls contain high-density block foam, which has higher insulation properties. Jayco also ensures screw retention by utilizing Electro Galvanized Steel backers before lamination.

Luxurious Appearance

Jayco laminates the aluminum and foam wall assembly to a layer of damage-resistant decorative plywood board over the EGS, creating a sleek look. The sidewall’s exterior forms from a glossy composite fiberglass panel, which is both durable and stylish.


A lauan plywood panel is the sidewall’s last layer and adds strength. Creating a great bond, Jayco applies 144 tons of pressure to the frames for 16 to 18 minutes to have 100 percent glue coverage.


We at RVs of West Texas encourage you to view our available RVs and see for yourself how they benefit from StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Lamination. 

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