Mug Meals to Make on Your Next Camping Trip

Breakfast In A Mug

When you’re camping in your RV, it can be fun to enjoy meals around the fire with family. Mug meals are currently popular to cook because they’re easy and delicious. Try making these convenient mug meals during your next camping trip.

For breakfast, you can try the cleverly named blueberry mugfin or the French toast in a mug. The blueberry mugfin is a bit easier to make, but both can be quickly cooked in the microwave.

There are several lunch and dinner options to try out, including the pizza in a mug and the bacon cheddar cheeseburger in a mug. Each of your campers can have their own individual and customized meal, without too much of a hassle.

If you want to finish off your meal with dessert, you can opt for a Cookies and Cream cake in a mug or an apple pie in a mug. Both desserts are welcome additions to s’mores.

Dogs can even get in on the action with the pupcake in a mug. The main ingredients of this meal are peanut butter and Greek yogurt.

With so many great options, mug meals are unique ways to change up the food you eat on the go. Visit us at RVs of West Texas and ask about the other convenient kitchen products in our RVs.

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