Tips For RVers From Actual RV Families

RV Families

Helping RV Families

Recently, Jayco released some great advice for RVers from five families with lots of experience traveling in RVs. These families also shared why they love RVing with their families and which Jayco model they purchased. Here are some of the highlights below.

The Potters

The Potter family shared five tips for new RVers, including practicing in an empty parking lot, scheduling trips in advance (we’re talking six to nine months), staying on top of winterizing, using the trailer brakes, and, most importantly, having fun.

The Puglisis

The Puglisi family also had some wisdom for first-time RVers: Don’t wait. There are a million reasons to push something off, but we only live once — and we only share our homes with our children for a couple of decades. In short, you will not regret your RV purchase.

The Brewers

The Brewer family advised that, while planning is necessary, you should leave some wiggle room to be flexible. The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and you don’t always feel up to doing what you’ve planned.

The Tantsits

The Tantsits reminded us that vacations are about taking it easy, especially for RV Families. Don’t rush; just enjoy traveling.

The Rewises

The Rewise family also advised taking your time — but during the RV selection process. Find the model that suits your family’s needs.

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