Check Out These Cool Shows About RVs and Camping!

Check Out These Cool Shows About RVs and Camping | Baird, TX

If you’re anything like us, when you’re not RVing and camping, the odds are pretty good that you’re thinking about it. If that’s the case, one nice way to spend time is to watch these cool shows about RVs and camping! Not only are they entertaining, they can also be educating.

Mega RV Countdown

One of the big appeals of RVs is the ability to customize them into something truly personal. Mega RV Countdown highlights the most unique and retrofitted RVs in the world while introducing you to the creative minds behind them — from celebrities to eccentric DIYers.

Big Time RV

Filmed in Florida, Big Time RV is a great pick for viewers who love to tour RVs. The team tests every make and model of RV they can find, making this show a top resource if you’re looking to rent or buy an RV for your next adventure.

Going RV

This show is all about couples that decide to ditch their homes or their current RV for a new set of wheels. Follow their adventures as they discover the lifestyle, consider vehicles that could be a good fit, and upgrade their RVs.

If you just can’t wait to tour or upgrade a new RV — and to do it in person rather than in front of the RV — visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, and check out our wide range of travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and toy haulers!

Top RV Bloggers and Vloggers to Follow

Top RV Bloggers and Vloggers to Follow |  Baird, Texas

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the RV lifestyle than to keep up with some of the top RV bloggers and vloggers. Whether you’re a new RV owner or a veteran camper, the following content creators have some of the most useful and entertainment material around.

Getaway Couple

Whether you look at their website, YouTube channel, or even their book on RV life, Jason and Rae Miller of Getaway Couple are an amazing resource. Their content includes DIY RV modifications, planning tips, vehicle setups, and destination recommendations. And because they travel with their dog, you’ll get some information about RVing with a pet, too!

Hinton The Trail

One of the joys of RVing is cooking on the go. On top of tasty RV cooking recipes, Hinton The Trail’s YouTube channel and website also include lots of useful information about the best RV trips you can make across North America.

Keep Your Daydream

Keep Your Daydream is a little different. Hosted by Marc and Tricia Leach, their blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and website are all about finding the inspiration to pursue your dreams. It’s a great RV lifestyle resource that will also motivate you to go on that big adventures that’s always been at the back of your mind.

For more RV resources, visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas! Our expert staff can give you lots of useful RV tips and tricks while helping you find an RV that meets your needs.

Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel: What’s the Difference?

2022 Forest River RV | Baird, TX

There are many types of RVs out there, but two of the biggest ones you should know about while shopping for a new camper are travel trailers and fifth wheels. What makes these RVs different and what are the pros and cons of each?

Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is an RV that is hitched up to a standard bumper hitch. These are the most common type of towable RVs. That’s because they’re very versatile. They can be tiny one-person units or 35-foot RVs with room for upward of eight people. They also tend to provide great bang for the buck. Compared to fifth wheels, the advantage of travel trailers is that they are affordable and towable by a wide variety of vehicles — not just pickups.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are RVs that require a special type of hitch that can only be installed in the center of a truck bed. They are easy to spot thanks to the large overhang at the front. If you don’t have a pickup, you won’t be able to tow one. Fifth wheel RVs have taller ceiling and tend to be roomier than travel trailers. They’re also more stable and maneuverable than travel trailers, making them easier to tow. And because a large portion of the fifth wheel goes over the truck, even a long unit extends less of a distance out from the back of the truck than a travel trailer of equal length.

Still debating on a travel trailer vs fifth wheel? Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to check out our many Jayco units. Discovering floorplans in person may help you decide what type of RV is best suited for you.

How Jayco RV Safety Features Protect Your Family

Jayco Safety | Baird, TX

Jayco is committed to the safety of you and your family. Its RVs come with a variety of technologies that are designed to protect you on the road and at the campsite. Check out a few of these Jayco RV safety features!

JAYSMART™ LED Lighting System

This smart LED lighting system helps other road users better understand what you are doing as you tow your RV, helping improve safety for everyone. It synchronizes the RV’s lights with those of your tow vehicle, ensuring there is no ambiguity about turn signals and brake lights.

Industry’s Strongest Roof

The Jayco Magnum Truss™ Roof System, standard on all Jayco fifth-wheel RVs and travel trailers, is the strongest roof in the industry. It can withstand up to 4,500 pounds, protecting occupants in potentially hazardous camping situations.

Goodyear® Tires

All towable Jayco RVs use Goodyear® tires built with Durawall® technology. These tires have enhanced resistance to cuts and cuts, reducing the risk of blowouts. It also has a halobutyl inner lining that minimizes air loss, ensuring your tire pressures are more stable, thus improving your RV’s carrying capacity.

For a closer look at Jayco RV safety features, check out any of our Jayco RV units at RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas!

5 Ways to Stay Cool in Your RV This Summer

How To Stay Cool In Your RV | Baird, TX

You don’t know hot until you’ve experienced a Texas summer. Staying cool can be a challenge, especially if you’re out camping in an RV. Use the following tips to stay cool in your RV even when the temperature is at its highest.

Keep the A/C Filters Clean

Clean filters ensure the A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your RV cool. Use warm soapy water, then rinse and let them dry before placing them back.

Cook Outside

Cooking generates a lot of heat. Use outdoor grills, solar ovens, or an old-fashioned campfire to make your meals outside and keep those high temperatures out of your RV.

Use the Shades

Using your RV’s built-in shades, blinds, and awnings, can go a long way toward preventing heat from coming in. You can also install more powerful light-blocking curtains if necessary.

Park in the Shade

It seems obvious, but it really makes a difference. Not only will your RV be cooler, but it will also help your roof A/C unit and refrigerator to operate more efficiently.

Face North or South

If possible, position your RV so that the bedroom is furthest away from the path of the sun in the sky. While it won’t help the whole RV stay cool, it will make being in bed a lot more comfortable.

You can also stay cool in your RV this summer by purchasing an RV with a powerful A/C system and great insulation, like a Jayco RV that has been climate tested in extreme temperatures. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to learn more!

3 Tips for RVing with Your Pet

RVing With a Pet | Baird, TX

RVing alone is great, but RVing with a pet is one of the best ways to feel like you’re truly taking home with you. However, whether your pet is a dog or a cat, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to ensure their safety during travel and your stay. Follow these tips for RVing with your pet to take your RV journey to the next level.

Acclimate Your Pet to the RV Ahead of Time

Most pets, especially cats, need some time to get acclimated to new spaces. Before you go on your RV trip, spend a few hours in your RV with your pet so that they can explore and rub their scent around. Bringing familiar items like toys, beds, and litter boxes can be helpful.

Get a Health Checkup

Pets who go outside are more likely to spread and be exposed to viruses and parasites. Bring your pet to the veterinarian for a health checkup and get their vaccines updated before you go. If you are staying at a facility, you may need to provide proof of vaccination.

Prepare for Emergencies

Prepare a first aid kit for your pet. If you know your destination, research the location, names, and phone numbers of emergency vets and pet hospitals in that area. If you are going to be camping and hiking in remote areas, have a plan for how to handle health emergencies.

Bringing along the furry family is one of the best ways to RV. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to check out a variety of spacious units that your pets will love!

Avoid These RV Mistakes Before Your Next Trip

RV | Baird, TX

If you’re planning to buy or rent an RV this summer, you’re not alone. Millions of people report they expect to camp in 2022 and for many, it will be a first-time RVing experience. But whether you’re a veteran RVer or a rookie, you’ll want to make sure to avoid these RV mistakes before your next trip.

Relying on Mainstream GPS

Mainstream GPS apps like Google Maps aren’t tailor-built for RVs. Shop around for RV travel apps or GPS devices that ensure you aren’t routed under low bridges, up and down steep slopes, or onto restricted roads.

Rushing Through the Trip

Driving an RV is all about the journey. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of trying to do everything or getting to your destination too quickly. Slow down, drive safely, make lots of stops, and remember that you’ll probably be on the road a lot longer than you realize.

Neglecting Your Tires

It’s always a good idea to check your RV’s tires at least once before every trip. Just because they were in good condition and at the correct pressure before you left home doesn’t mean that’s still the case after hours on the road, especially if you’ve been driving on remote, unpaved paths.

The quality of your RV can also have a major impact on the quality of your camping trip. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to check out our awesome RVs and find a floor plan that matches what you’re looking for.

How to Travel Safely in an RV

Family Enjoying Campin In Camper Van | Baird, TX

No matter what type of RV you own, driving it can be difficult given its sheer size and weight. If you’re inexperienced or unconfident, the thought of driving an RV can be intimidating. Follow these tips for how to travel safely in an RV so you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Keep up with your RV’s maintenance

Like with any vehicle, it’s important that you keep your RV properly maintained. Consult your owner’s manual to see when you should be doing things like oil changes, tire rotations or replacement, and so on. Tires especially can be problematic if they wear out or lose pressure, so keep an eye on the age, tread, and pressure of your tires to help prevent flats or blowouts before they happen.

Check before you leave

Make a pre-trip safety checklist and consult it before you set off. Take a look at your tires, your engine, and your lights to make sure everything is in good working order.

Balance weight

An unevenly loaded RV can be difficult to handle and can put unnecessary strain on your tires. Make sure you balance the weight in your RV before you set off. Your owner’s manual can help you with safe loading.

Don’t move around

It might be tempting to get up and grab a snack from the fridge while driving to your destination, but doing so can be dangerous. If anyone needs to make a stop along the way for a snack or bathroom break, pull over.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your RV adventures are safer. Need service before hitting the road? Make a service appointment online with RVs of West Texas.

Dangers of RVing with Dogs


There is nothing quite as enjoyable as bringing your fluffy companion on an RV trip. But for those who can’t leave their pets at home, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of RVing with dogs. Follow these tips to help ensure your trip isn’t spoiled by an unexpected visit to the vet.

Keep your dog secured

While on the go, your dog should ride securely, just as you. Do not leave your dog to ride in the trailer if you are towing. Keep your dog in a kennel inside your motorized vehicle and make frequent stops so they can stretch their legs, drink water, and relieve themselves.

Bring home with you

It may take some time for your dog to get used to RV travel. One thing that can help is to bring a piece of home with you, like their favorite toys, blankets, and treats. Make sure to give your dog their own space — somewhere they understand they can go relax and feel safe.

Be prepared for emergencies

Before you go, pack a dog first aid kit for your RV and make note of the names, locations, and numbers of emergency vets and pet hospitals in the area you are traveling to. You should always have a plan for taking care of your dog in case something unforeseen happens.

Though it does take some work to ensure they are safe and happy, dogs are wonderful companions that can significantly enhance your camping experience. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, to find an RV that makes your dog as happy as it makes you!

4 Quick and Affordable RV Upgrades

There are many ways you can enhance your RV to better suit your lifestyle. Check out these quick and affordable RV upgrades to take your camping to the next level.

High-pressure showerhead

Many RV owners feel the water pressure in their RV shower isn’t high enough, at least compared to what they’re used to at home. Upgrading the shower head is a cheap way to make that hot shower after a long hike feel even better.

Fake plants

Plants and greenery help bring life to any living space, but it can be hard to maintain real ones in a mobile home. Fake plants not only require less maintenance but are also less likely to cause trouble when moving the RV.

LED lights

LED lights can go a long way to making the interior of your RV feel brighter while also reducing energy costs. Some areas of the RV, like the pantry, may not be as well-lit as you like. Cheap stick-on LEDs can make all the difference when preparing a late-night snack.

Step covers

Step covers add a little personality to your RV’s exterior. Additionally, their texture can provide additional grip and slip resistance. This is an affordable upgrade and it’s easy to find a variety of fabrics and colors.

If you’d like to save on upgrades, you can also make sure the RV you purchase already comes with lots of awesome equipment — like the high-quality, affordable Jayco RVs at RVs of West Texas!