How to Prepare Your RV for Camping Season

prepare your RV for camping season

Winter is almost behind us, which means it’s once again time to prepare your RV for camping season. If you are new to the RV life, follow these tips when getting your RV ready for your spring camping adventures:

Review The Exterior

Do a walk-around of your RV to ensure it did not sustain any damage during the winter, like scratches or rust. Test the pressure of all tires and refill (or replace) as necessary.

Test Your Batteries

Cold weather can drain the life of your RV’s battery, so it’s crucial to check the voltage every before camping season. If you suspect an issue or just aren’t sure how to test your batteries, bring the RV to RVs of West Texas for a thorough inspection.

Clean The Interior

A little dusting never hurt anyone. Before using your stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink for food, clean them thoroughly. Think of it as spring cleaning for your RV. After cleaning your appliances, make sure they all still work correctly and that their power cords are intact.

Check For Pests

During the winter months, animals sometimes seek shelter inside RVs. Make sure your RV is pest-free before hitting the road.

Test Your Water & Check Your Liquid Propane

If you are not sure how to inspect liquid propane and water lines, leave it to us at RVs of West Texas.

Get your next adventure off to a great start by bringing your RV in for maintenance at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX.

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